Here are the processing steps of our leathers (coming only from selected farms):

  •  Soaking: to return the raw hides on the original condition.
  •  Fleshing: to eliminate the excess fleshing.
  •  Splitting: to separate the upper layer, said grain or skiver, from the flesh or split
  •  Shaving: to eliminate the remaining grain from flesh
  •  Tanning 100% fish oil: to give the skins softness, absorption and durability, and the characteristic colour-smell.
  •  Buffing by hand on both sides: to give the velour effect
  •  Cutting with use of templates: to ensure shape and size.
  •  Packaging

The work is performed by people of high experience, with suitable machinery, completely in our tannery in Cuneo-Italy, getting a natural product of high quality, respectful of all European standards and laws, and 100% Made in Italy.